Dr.A.S.Srinivasa Rao


It is only through knowledge that man attains Prosperity. Prosperity has to expand or grow to become excellence. The road to excellence is toughest, roughest and steepest in the universe. The world requires and honours only excellence. Excellence has to be acquired form wisdom and intelligence to establish innovation. Promotion of innovation is the new role of education. It is only through innovative thinking the present and the future challenges can be addressed to find dynamic solutions. Technology, a part of excellence, is helpful in removing poverty from the world. According to the statistics 40% of the world’s poor are in India. Solution to this challenge relies on Technocrats with confidence and self-reliance. AITAM is the pioneering platform for this expected output. The institution mends the students in building character, strengthening mind, expanding intellect and establishing the vision with a new perspective. The student of AITAM is prepared through rigorous training that makes him to stand on his own feet to lead a prosperous career and life.

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