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Technical Education Quality Improvement Programme of Government of India (TEQIP) is being implemented as a World Bank supported Project to enhance the quality of technical education system in the country. The Phase – I of TEQIP was implemented in 13 States and covered 127 Institutions including 18 Centrally Funded Institutions. It became effective in March 2003 and completed on 31st March, 2009.

The Project will be implemented in pursuance of the National Policy on Education through the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) of the Government of India as a “Centrally Sponsored Scheme” with matching contribution from the State Governments and Union Territories (UTs). The Project cost will be shared by MHRD and States and private unaided institutions. Funding for private unaided institutions in all States selected under Sub‐component 1.1 will be in the ratio of 20:20:60 i.e. 20% funding from institutions, 20% funding as Grant from State and 60% funding as Grant from MHRD.

The Project intends to maximize collaboration between local Industries and project institutions by providing the National Steering Committee and State Steering Committees (through National and State level Private Sector Advisory Groups) with timely, precise and concrete advice and summarized feedback on Industry‐Institution partnerships to meet the national demand for Graduates and Postgraduates equipped with skills and knowledge relevant to the changing market requirements.

The Project will require the project institutions to implement academic and non‐academic reforms for their self‐conceived development programmes that focus on quality and relevance, excellence, resource mobilization, greater institutional autonomy with accountability, research and equity.

The private unaided engineering colleges interested in participating in TEQIP-II project, initially, submitted Institutional Developmental Proposals (IDP). 263 private unaided institutions submitted IDP proposals to NPIU. Out of 263, 199 private unaided are invited to submit Institutional Development Proposals (IDP) for further evaluation. Finally, only 123 private unaided institutions are found eligible for IDP evaluation.

Phone(O) - 08945 245666
Mobile - 9440955587
Email ID

TEQIP-II Coordinator (ME)
Dr.D.Vishnu Murty
Department of MBA
Phone(O) - 08945 245666
Mobile - 9949688627
Email ID -

Nodal Officer (Procurement)
Dr C.J.Rao
Professor and Head,
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Phone(O) - 08945 245666
Mobile - 9440416577
Email ID -

Nodal Officer (Academic)
Dr A.Srinivasa Rao
Dean-Finishing School
Phone(O) - 08945 245666
Mobile - 9440121465
Email ID -

Nodal Officer (Finance)
Chief Accounts Officer,
Department of Management Studies
Phone(O) - 08945 245666
Mobile - 9246631885
Email ID -

TEQIP - II MIS Officer
Sri.S.Ravi Kumar
Department of TEQIP - II
Phone(O) - 08945 245666
Email ID :


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