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AITAM Excellence in teaching

TEQIP Funded Instituition

Aditya Institute of Technology and Management are hosting virtual labs as a nodal centre with the collaboration of Amrita University since 2015.

With the advent of the concept of Digital India, the virtual labs prove to be a sure replica of the concept to produce young scientists.

Students in all rural localities are not availing the facility of good laboratories in their corresponding educational institutions. In such situations they can make best use of the virtual labs.


  • Virtual Labs is used for the students to improve their practical knowledge by obtaining resources from prestigious Institutions across the country.
  • All experiments are not possible for the students to perform in the physical laboratories-Virtual labs provide a 3D platform for the students to interact with virtual apparatus and make their task complete.
  • Even one can perform some experiments which involve some sort of risk in a precautious manner.
  • The students can acquire basic knowledge of the experiment before performing his/her experiment physically.
  • Students, if in any case fail to attend their regular lab sessions, could get a real substitute for their unattended experiments.
  • (3U's)Unattended, unexplained and unknown experiments can be made attended, explained and known.
  • The experimental results obtained in virtual labs are accurate unlike the approximate results of the physical labs.


  • Anyone who aspires to get practical knowledge through online can make use of Virtual labs.

How to register:

Students, who are willing to register in the Amrita Virtual Labs and enthusiastic to get a certificate should enrol their names in the Training and Placement Department.For more details visit:

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