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All the students, teachers and members of the governing body of the college are members of the library. Other employees of the college, who obtain special permission of the principal, are eligible to become members. The principal, at his discretion, may permit any person to may use of the facilities of the library for short periods. The privilege of borrowing books from the library is restricted to the members only. Members shall be allowed to borrow books and periodicals (Journals & magazines) as follows:

In addition, Faculty can borrow two periodicals for a period of one week and postgraduate student can borrow one periodical for a period of three days.

Library Barcode Membership card shall be issued to the eligible persons by the librarian. These cards are not transferable and shall be cancelled if misused. The cost of each duplicate barcode card shall be Rs. 50/-. Original Membership card if found after the issue of duplicate barcode card should not be used. They should be returned to the librarian. No-dues certificates shall not be issued to members other than the members of the governing body until they return all the books .

Borrowers failing to return the books within the prescribed period shall pay a fine of Re. 1(rupee one only) per book per day. While collection fines, intervening holidays will not be into account. Procedure for borrowing periodicals is the same as that for borrowing books. Library Membership Card is to be used for borrowing books related to subjects of study or research of the member. Loss of any book borrowed from the library should be reported to the librarian in writing. Such loss invites maximum fine as fixed by the librarian along with replacement costs. Exemption from maximum fine recommended by librarian may be allowed by the principal. Students are not permitted to borrow books by proxy.

  • When a book is being borrowed form the library, it should be examined carefully and the attention of the issue assistant called to any defects there in. The last barrower shall be held responsible for any defects noticed later.
  • Every member borrowing a book from the library shall be responsible for its safe custody until it is returned. Any loss or damage of the book must be immediately reported to the librarian.
  • When a book is returned at the return counter the borrower should see to I that the return entries are duly made in his borrower book and should take back his ticket. If a barrower’s ticket is in the library, the barrower shell be held responsible for the book borrowed using the ticket.
  • Members shall not bring any personal belongings library books issued to them inside the library.
  • No members shall be allowed to take any printed material in to the library without the permission of the library.
  • Strict silence shall be observed in and around the library.
  • Smoking, spitting and using cell phone in and around the library is Strictly prohibited.
  • Books and periodicals of the library should not be marked, mutilated or written upon.
  • Members shall not engage themselves in conversation in any part of library causing inconvenience to other members.
  • Any member found guilty of tampering the books shall lose his/her membership.
  • Members should pass through the exit counter all note books when they leave the library.
  • Any member found misbehaving abusing the library staff or behaving in ay unruly manner shall forfeit his/her membership.
  • All the members shall abide by the rules that may be framed by the principal of the college form time to time.

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