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AITAM Excellence in teaching

TEQIP Funded Instituition

  1. Management Knowledge: Develop a firm level of understanding of the key functions of business - accounting, finance, management, marketing, management information systems, global economy and operations management.

  2. Problem Analysis: Integrate core business knowledge and apply that knowledge in the analysis and decisions-making process.

  3. Design/Development of solutions: Design and construct models, components or processes as per needs and specifications in the modern business world.

  4. Conduct Investigations of complex problems: Increase efficiency and proficiency in collecting data, analyze and present appropriate research reports and case studies.

  5. Modern Tool Usage: Use the techniques, skills, and modern hardware and software tools necessary for taking and implementing managerial decisions.

  6. Management and Society: Understand professional and social responsibility by identifying and enhancing knowledge of contemporary issues.

  7. Environment and Sustainability: Understand global environment and its impact on people, businesses and the economy.

  8. Ethics: Recognize and address the ethical issues and values prevailing in the business environment.

  9. Individual and Team Work: Apply conceptual knowledge of good decision-making for both individual and group by using case analysis, projects and assignments.

  10. Communication: Implement leadership skills through effective communication.

  11. Successful career, immediate employment and entrepreneurship: Identify a timely opportunity and using business innovation to pursue that opportunity to create value and wealth for the betterment of the individual and society at large.

  12. Life-long learning: Ensure holistic development of students by recognizing the need for,and creating an ability to engage in life-long learning.

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