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AITAM Excellence in teaching

NAAC Accredited, TEQIP Funded Instituition

  • The department has well equipped laboratories and dedicated computer labs with above 90 computer systems spread over, UPS, scanner and laser printers.
  • Teaching aids like LCD, OHPs are made available.
  • Internet facility is provided to students to upgrade and be well in touch with contemporary developments.
  • Centrally organized placement cell.
  • Guest lectures, seminars, campus recruitment training and other programs are conducted with renowned faculty.
  • Air-conditioned seminar halls are made available.
  • Department library is set up with adequate number of textbooks and reference study materials.


  Electrical Machines-I & II (DC & AC) lab:
Equipped with DC series motor coupled with DC series generator, DC shunt motor - shunt Generator set, DC-shunt motor-compound Generator set, DC shunt motor with mechanical load, DC compound motor with mechanical load, rheostats, resistive loads, MC ammeters, MC voltmeters, digital tacho meters, analog tachometers. Equipped with DC-shunt motor-alternator sets, 3-phase Induction motors, 1-phase transformers, 3-phase transformers, 1-phase auto transformers, 3-phase auto transformers, multi meters,1-phase induction motors, resistive and inductive loads, digital tacho meters, MI and MC voltmeters, MI & MC ammeters,1-phase & 3-phase watt meters.
  Control Systems and Simulation Lab:
Equipped with process control simulator kits, simulation of transfer function using OP-AMP kit, lead-lag network kit, temperature controller using PID controller, Synchro transimitter and receiver kits, PLC trainer kit, magnetic amplifier kit, Oscillo scopes, dc motor, digital tachometer, multimeter and three systems installed with MATLAB verso pro, multisim software.
  Electrical Circuits and Simulation Lab:
Equipped with bread boards, Regulated power supply, Function generator, CROs, Resistors, Capacitors, Inductors and Capacitive boxes, Resistive and Inductive loads, Voltmeters(MC meters & MI meters), Ammeters (MC meters& MI meters), auto transformers, wattmeters (upf & lpf), systems with PSPICE software.
  Electrical Measurements Lab:
Equipped with Anderson bridge, schering bridge, CT's, Energy meter, Dielectric oil testing kit, Crompton d.c potentio meter, Kelvin's double bridge, power factor meter, Resistive, Inductive, Capacitive loads, MI and MC voltmeters, MI and MC ammeters, Single phase and Three-phase wattmeters, Phase shifting transformer
  Power Electronics and Simulation Lab:
Equipped with 1-phase forces commutation study unit kit,1 phase R-C firing circuit kit, single phase cyclo converter power circuit, 3-
phase half converted power circuit, semi phase dual converter power circuit, DC series Jones chopper, SCR, MOSFET, DIAC, TRIAC study kit, CROs, rheostats, 1-phase series and parallel inverter kit. kit, CROs, rheostats, 1-phase series and parallel inverter
  Simulation & C Programming Lab :
This lab is equipped with 30 Acer systems+ 03 Dell systems installed with all sophisticated soft wares like Turbo C and licensed MATLAB soft ware for conducting matlab and simulation experiments like circuit simulation, power electronic simulation and control system simulation.
  EDC/ PDC Lab:
EDC/ PDC Lab is equipped with Broad.
Board trainer kits, Function generators, CROs, RPS, Analog & digital meters, Decade resistance boxes, Capacitances boxes and Digital IC tester

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