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Dr P Dinakaran Head of the Department

Dr. P Dinakar, B.Tech.,M.Tech., Ph. D - Head of the Department Dr. P. Dinakar, B.Tech.,M. Tech. Ph.D. Head of the Department of Civil Engineering has been working as Professor in AITAM since August' 2020. He has a teaching experience of 25 years and received Best Teacher award by ISTE, India in 2014. He has been recognised as accredited faculty of Indian Green Building Council (IGBC). He was also qualified Lead Auditor for ISO: 9001-2008 in Quality Management system (QMS). He published good number of papers in journals with good impact factor. He has also presented many papers in national and international conferences. He is an expert in Structural Engineering and associated with many companies as a chief consultant.

S.No Name of the Staff Member Designation DOJ Qualification NOA Employee id
1 Prof. V.V.Nageswara Rao Professor/Director 26.06.2001 M.E REGULAR A5PRL00T01
2 Dr. P. Dinakar Professor 01.08.2020 Ph.D REGULAR A5PRL00T057
3 Dr. B. Visweswara Reddy Assoc. Professor &
Assistant HOD(Admin)
13.12.2013 Ph.D REGULAR A5CIV00T11
4 Dr.Ch.Vasudeva Rao Assoc.Prof 23.06.2016 Ph.D. REGULAR A5CIV00T30
5 Dr. V. Sowjanya Vani Assoc.Prof 26.07.2019 Ph.D REGULAR A5CIV00T44
6 Mr S.Ram lal Assoc.Prof 03.07.2015 M.Tech(Ph.D) REGULAR A5CIV00T22
7 Sri. G. Gowri Sankara Rao Assoc.Prof 02.07.2012 M.Tech REGULAR A5CIV00T03
8 Dr. H.Ramamohan Assoc. Prof 05.12.2007 Ph.D REGULAR A5MEC00T13
9 Sri. Ch. Chandra Mouli Asst.Prof 12.05.2015 M.Tech REGULAR A5CIV00T20
10 Dr. Balendra Mouli M Asst.Prof. 17.08.2020 phd REGULAR A5CIV00T54
11 Smt. V. Divyasri Asst.Prof. 14.07.2014 M.E(Ph.D) REGULAR A5CIV00T17
12 Mr.G Durga Rama Naidu Asst.Prof. 05.01.2015 M.Tech REGULAR A5CIV00T18
13 Mr. Badana Govinda Rajulu Asst.Prof. 05.08.2016 M.Tech REGULAR A5CIV00T33
14 Mr. P. Ram Prasad Asst.Prof. 13.06.2016 M.Tech(Ph.D) REGULAR A5CIV00T28
15 Mr. G.Prasanna Kumar Asst.Prof. 20.06.2016 M.Tech(Ph.D) REGULAR A5CIV00T32
16 Sri Krupa Sindhu Biswal Asst.Prof. 05.07.2016 M.Tech REGULAR A5CIV00T31
17 Sri Samanthula Varadarajan Asst. Prof. 30.10.2019 M.Tech REGULAR A5CIV00T46
18 Sri Doki Manmadha Manikanta Asst. Prof. 06.11.2020 M.Tech(Ph.D) REGULAR A5CIV00T48
19 Sri K Krishna Asst. Prof. M.Tech REGULAR A5CIV00T
20 Sri Kancharla vivek Asst. Prof. 02.01.2020 M.Tech(Ph.D) REGULAR A5CIV00T50
21 Mr. Thippa Pavan Kuamr Asst. Prof. 17.02.2020 M.Tech(Ph.D) REGULAR A5CIV00T51
22 Sri B. Ganesh Asst.Prof. 17.02.2021 M.Tech REGULAR A5CIV00T55
23 Sri A. Naveen Asst.Prof. 01.03.2021 M.Tech REGULAR A5CIV00T56
24 Mr. S. Hemanth Reddy CEO (MV Inst. Of Engg. Skills Bangalore 01.01.2017 B.Tech Adjunct
25 Mr. Ravikumar Kanduri DIRECTOR (AECOM, USA) 01.01.2017 M.Tech Adjunct

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