The All India Council for Technical Education has announced that Maths and Physics are not compulsory for Engineering students for the academic year of 2021-2022. Based upon this recent decision it is clear that the students who want to pursue their career in Engineering need not have Mathematics and Physics as their midst subject in Higher Secondary Education. This will be in Practical Notion for the upcoming year of 2021-2022 onwards.

               Among the decision taken by AICTE, the board has also made it clear that the engineering aspirants for the coming academic year can choose mathematics and Physics as their optional subjects in the early semester.

 Supporting the statement AICTE has declared the need only to score 45% in any three subjects from the list of 14 subjects. The list includes Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Electronics, Information Technology, Biology, Informatics Practices, Biotechnology, Agriculture, technical vocational subject, Engineering Graphics, Business Studies, and Entrepreneurship.

     Even though Physics and Mathematics are not necessary for academic entry. One must take a compulsory bridge course in both Physics and Mathematics as it is the bedrock of Engineering, Says, Critics. We can even find supporting statements claiming this decision will be an eye-opener to create more opportunities.

Benefits of the decision taken by AICTE

This judgment can be a gate away for many students who have a deep passion for Engineering and were unable to full fill the basic requirement of Physics and Mathematics in their Higher Secondary Education. Opportunities to a new standard of education can be seen in this strong decision made by the All India Council for Technical Education.

Challenges of the decision

From the statement, it is clear about the need for Physics and Mathematics in Admission requirement. The engineering colleges and training institutes might face a big hustle in training the students for the upcoming semester as their base and conceptual knowledge is less compared to other students. This may consume more manpower and time in the early semesters and can cause a lag in other students who are aware of the basic concepts.

Conclusion: Every new change brings challenges and benefits to the procuring system. Only a change can judge what wad done wrong in the past tenures. This might can be a great achievement or great failure of all time in the engineering world

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