Unlike the olden days, the job search scenario took new dimensions due to heavy competition for jobs in the market. A Guide to Effective Resume Preparation.

The first and foremost thing to do to search for a job is to prepare a good RESUME. It is one of the most powerful tools you can use to get a good job. Yes, of course, it is the reflection of your years of hard work in attaining knowledge and wisdom through academics and other activities, a reflection of your expertise and skills. Everyone who wants to achieve their goal and aim needs to concentrate more on resume writing these days.

A resume should represent your personality which is unique and different from person to person. You are a special person. Your skills are unique. Your thinking is unique. Your abilities are unique, and definitely, there is no one like you in this world. Try to portray yourself in the resume so that the person who goes through your resume will have a glimpse of your personality. Always try to add something related to your personality that makes you different from the crowd.

Quick Facts about Resume Preparation

A recruiter screens your resume for mostly 30 seconds only.

Your resume is a reflection of your skills and knowledge.

There is no specific format or universally accepted format for a resume. So, it is always open for customization.

Be honest while preparing your resume. Write only truths and facts.

Your resume should be precise and straightforward and should be in 2 pages only.

Avoid spelling mistakes in the resume. Double-check it.

Never stereotype or copy other resumes. Do remember you are special and unique in your way, and prepare a resume keeping in mind this.

Never mention any skill or experience you don’t possess.                                 

As we have already discussed, there is no specific format for a resume now. Let us move onto how we can prepare a resume in the best way possible for a job aspirant so that he/she can find the best job in the competitive world.

Step by Step Guide to Prepare an Effective Resume


Contact details:

It is very, very important to leave your contact details in the resume. The interviewer uses these contact details to get back to you. You need to give the basic contact information like address, phone number, and email id. Please don’t forget that these contact details are always on the top right corner of your resume’s first page.


Career objective: 

A lot of importance in the resume is first given to the objective career element as it speaks about the job aspirant’s objective in doing the job.

Do remember the career objective should be precise and clear.

A career objective should be as below:

  • To associate with a growth-oriented organization with determination, Dedication, and Discipline, Deploy my competencies towards personal and professional growth.

A career objective shouldn’t be as below:

  •  I want a regular eight-hour job until I find a goal for what my life should be.

Educational qualifications / academic profile:

Your educational qualifications/academic profile speaks more about your abilities and skills, which recruiters are looking for. You can specify your certifications too here under the “other certificates” heading.

Remember, educational qualifications should be in reverse chronological order.


  • MBA
  • B.TECH
  • SSC 

 Projects(major and mini):

A resume is for fresher who doesn’t have experience whereas a curriculum vita is for the experienced ones. A recruiter is more interested to know about the projects that the candidate has done in the course of his/her academics. 

Your project details needed to be mentioned in the resume as below: 

  • ROLE:

Work experience:

Work experience is the total number of years you have worked or done a job. You can specify the number of years you have worked with a particular company in a particular position in a detailed manner. This helps the recruiter know about various positions you are in to perform a specific job and grow in your career.


Skills are those essential aspects of your career that will make you unique and special and show that you are different from others. Everyone can have the same skill set, but the way you carry on your skills is always different. Applying the skills in your job or work always differs from person to person, making the person unique and special. So it is very, very important to showcase your skill set in your resume. This will enable the interviewer to know more about you and the nature of work or job that suits your skill set and personality. A Guide to Effective Resume Preparation.

Your skillset always adds weightage to the resume because irrespective of your field of study, companies always look for candidates with relevant skills and techno-savvy.

You can specify soft skills, including personality traits like a team player, creativity, etc., and technical skills in this column.

Soft skills:

  • Communication skills
  • Interpersonal skills

Technical skills:

  • Operating system:
  • Programming language:
  • Ms office tools:

 Remember, don’t mention any skill that you are less confident of or not at all confident of.


In your college life, you will come across opportunities to attend various workshops and seminars. Various seminars and workshops you have attended are very important when it comes to resume writing.  They show that you are interested in learning new things and you are always in search of knowledge.

Never miss mentioning any seminar or workshop you have attended during your academics. They add weightage to your resume. A Guide to Effective Resume Preparation.

Remember to start the sentence with powerful verbs. e.g., attended, participated, volunteered, etc


Attended a seminar on “corporate social responsibility /robotics/artificial intelligence” conducted by JNTUK, KAKINADA.

 Extra-curricular/co-curricular activities:

Not every time the recruiter is interested in your educational qualifications. There are times when a recruiter is looking for your participation in other activities like sports, contests, elocutions, etc. Participation in co-curricular and extracurricular activities shows that you have various interests and like to live your life in every dimension possible. Next time you are preparing your resume, keep in mind that you mention all these.

Remember to start the sentence with powerful verbs. e.g., won, bagged, participated, etc.

A Guide to Effective Resume Preparation.


Stood first in a quiz completion conducted by LIONS CLUB, KAKINADA.


We all have achieved some or the other thing in our life. Achievements are those aspects of our life that always keep us motivated and push forward to achieve more and be more successful.

Achievement can be small or big. They always have a great impact on our success or failure. Even the recruiters want to know your life achievements and how you appreciate yourself in achieving something. They also show that you have the willpower and determination to gain or achieve anything in your life. A Guide to Effective Resume Preparation.

 Personal details:

This is the last section of the resume, and it gives information about your details. These details should give basic information about you and your family.

  • NAME

Remember there is no need to give a lot of personal info and details like marital status, religion, caste, etc.

Always end the resume with the date and station on the left side and signature with your name below on the right side.

  • DATE:                                                                      
  • STATION:                                                                
  • (NAME)

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