Engineering has its own way of creating visions into realities. Every product you use in daily life has some kind of engineering magic added to it. From the vehicle, you use to your mobile phone it all comes down to engineering. Engineers have added direct value to the world by shaping society to be a better place.

The Impact of engineering on the different aspects of life is one to notice. environment, society, and technology, are among them.

Impact of engineering on the environment:

Engineers hold the responsibility to create changes in the world without negatively manipulating nature’s states. Environmental engineers furnish several methodologies to preserve our natural ecosystem. They maintain the quality of our environment in many ways, that includes water quality treatment,  effective waste disposal, prevention of pollution, etc. The invention of the electric car is a great example of an engineering mindset to improve the quality of human living without negatively impacting the atmosphere.

Impact of engineering in society:

As social beings, we are directly linked to the progress and regress of our surroundings. We always rely on less time-consuming and easy-to-use types of methodologies and engineering plays an important role to make this happen. Engineers have contributed to a great extent to the development and welfare of communities utilizing reliable transportation, infrastructure, telecommunications and safety against natural hazards. When this basic needs are not met society can be a chaos and without an effective engineering method society is an unbalanced living space.

Impact of engineering on technology:

The world is digitalized, everything we touch, see and feel is digital. Technology being the finest tool in the current world has brought countless changes in our daily life. With an deep understanding in history of engineering, the best college in srikakulam has crafted the educational curriculum  for the betterment of skill developing features and conceptual understanding for the future engineers.

Summary : There is a less number possibilities without engineering in our modern world, every aspects of the life is now mingled with the scope of engineering. To be a great engineer the skills set should be pursued from the right place and AITAM being one of the top colleges in India assures a meaningful career path for a better future.