Why do you need to do an MBA? Prospects doing MBA after Engineering

MBA as the name suggests stands for Masters in Business Administration. This course is highly useful for all engineering graduates. It is a good interest if Engineering graduates do an MBA course. This course will help students to gain managerial skills to accentuate in their careers. Managerial skills are very much required today. Especially if students want to launch a company and become entrepreneurs on their own then this will be an added advantage.

What are the benefits of doing an MBA course?

Some of the benefits that students will gain by doing MBA course as listed down below

  • Students will learn to be independent
  • Students will learn to be on their own
  • They will learn to take tasks and execute them independently without depending on anyone
  • They might stumble or fall but still, they will know how to face the challenges in the market and corporate world on their own
  • Students will learn to trust their gut feeling and take responsibility for their actions.

What are the modules listed in the MBA course?

Some of the modules in the MBA areas listed down below


MBA Finance


Business Analytics

The listed above are just a few facets of the MBA course. These courses are highly valuable for the students.

What is MBA HR?

MBA HR as the name suggests stands for MBA Human Resource Management. This deals with interviewing scores of candidates, finding the right fit and right talent for the vacancy in an organization, recruiting them, and taking care of their onboarding process. The entire gamut of activities right from the employee entry to employee exit needs to be taken care of by the HR department.

There are various designations in the HR field like HR Generalist, HR Executive, Senior HR Manager, etc. These roles and portfolios attract very good remuneration from the market. Also, the HR departments always take care of the employee. This department is very good as it is about giving care to their employees. This department will go to any extent to keep their best employees as assets for the organization. The HR department is the first face of any organization.HR department always keeps a check, a track record of their employees. Employees salary structure all these crucial details will be kept in the HR department. Once the employee is recruited then appointment letters are being released by the HR department. All paperwork both in paper and the online medium is taken care of by the HR department. Also when the employee resigns their paperwork all documents are maintained meticulously by the HR departments. If there are any employee grievances they are also be handled by the HR departments. This is just small info about the functioning of the HR department.

What is MBA Finance?

MBA Finance is another very important course. This course takes care of Taxation, Finance, etc modules. Some of the jobs here are Finance Executive, Finance Advisor, Chief Financial Officer, etc. These roles also are highly responsible jobs. These jobs also offer ample scope for the employee to perform to the best of their abilities. All employees working in the private sector have to file their tax forms. So all this delicate information has to be filed and submitted to the government as per the latest Tax Rules and Regulations.

So after completing Engineering students can apply for high ly respected jobs in Software field and Other allied Field like Distilleries, Non-Software field too.

MBA Marketing

MBA Marketing courses to its vast array of students. They have always taught niche marketing skills to students. These skill shave helped their students to easily adapt from the technical jobs to managerial jobs. Marketing is the niche skill required these days, in managerial jobs, it is necessary to have marketing skills. Sometimes the students have to work in Marketing jobs in the IT/ITES sector like they need to procure projects for the company. This can happen only if the student has sound marketing skills to talk to prospective clients, convince them to invest in the company. This college has very good lecturers and professors who are keen on their student’s success. They work tirelessly for their students and all support in terms of guidance related to the theory and guidance. This has helped students to transcend to the highest degrees in terms of their academic and professional pursuits.

MBA Business Analytics

MBA Business Analytics course is highly precious. Now business all needs Analytics to survive. They need to understand the data they accumulate. This data will then be used for business purposes. Hence the MBA Business Analytics course is very important. Here the most knowledgeable professors are on board who see to it that the most minute concepts are being taught with utmost dedication and care. Students are taught both theoretical concepts and all practical classes are also being covered. Students are being assigned periodic assignments and this helps them steer the ladder of success.MBA is a very prized course and this has helped students from technical jobs to transcend and adapt easily to managerial jobs. Maintaining data and safeguarding it against all data breaches is the most required skill these days. Here students are guided very nicely such that they always are frontrunners in their professional careers.

What are the jobs available in the Private Sectors?

Amazon, Flipkart: Technology Giants like Amazon and Flipkart offer high paid jobs to MBA graduates. They offer very good pay packets too to engineering graduates with an MBA degree. The MBA course the 2-year course is a test for students. Hence it requires a lot of understanding and ability for students to clear the MBA course. Hence it is an added jewel in their crown. Engineering with an MBA is a lifesaver. The future is always shining bright for MBA graduates.

Even in software companies like Nisum, OSI Technologies, DXC Technology, etc, there is a lot of demand for MBA graduates.MBA graduates with marketing and sales skills, with convincing skills are required to grab more projects for the company. If more projects come in then only there will be scope for Software Engineers and Software Testers to work.MBA graduates will managerial skills are also roped in as Project Managers because they need to lead the team. They need to assess each individual’s strength and allocate tasks appropriately. At the end of the day, the Engineer turned Business Management Graduate will be accountable for the Project deliverables for the projects which costs a huge profit for the company. Since these companies are all ISO, CMMI level certified the pay packets, the ambiance of the working space is very good. The company policies will be employee-friendly.

Even in Distilleries Sales and MBA Professionals are required. They attract very good remuneration too. Very nice perks are also given like along with Salary, PF, Gratuity, Sick Leaves, Casual Leaves, Maternity and Paternity Leaves, Travel Allowances, etc. A yearly bonus is also released by some very good companies.

Salary Offered to MBA Graduates in India:

Job Profile/Role Minimum Salary Per Annum Maximum Salary Per Annum
Relationship Manager Rs. 2,03,000 Rs. 9,59,000
Marketing Executive Rs. 1,67,000 Rs. 5,54,000
Business Analyst (IT) Rs. 3,02,000 Rs. 11,00,000
Area Sales Manager Rs. 4,07,000 Rs. 11,40,000

Prospects doing MBA after Engineering

  • Doing an MBA course arms the students with managerial skills.
  • Doing an MBA course over an Engineering course teaches the students about people management.
  • The student can smoothly transcend from technical to a managerial job with an MBA degree.
  • They will know how to handle a team. They will know how to assess and judge the strengths and abilities of every member.
  • They will know to allocate tasks to every member and extract the best output from them.
  • Doing an MBA course is all about people management. Hence students can handle Project Manager portfolios nicely. They will know how to handle the team. They will know to assign a balanced workload to every individual.
  • Doing an MBA course will also teach them good communication skills, negotiation skills, convincing skills, etc. If incase a project misses a deadline or there is some lapse in the committed deliverable the MBA course will teach them to transcend such issues smoothly.
  • Having an MBA degree will help students a lot. They will know to handle the team effectively.
  • A good manager assisted with a good team can drive more profits to the organization and can be a great value add for the organization.
  • Hence it is a double whammy doing an MBA course on top of an engineering course.MBA students along with engineering degrees are shining like gold and they are respected everywhere in our society and at the workplace etc.


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