Lack of skills kills the opportunities

What are the skills required in today’s age?

In today’s digital era skills are an important part and parcel of our daily lives. Skills come in different formats like Communication Skills, Social Skills, Technical Skills. These skills are always very much required for the holistic growth of the student and employee as a whole. If we don’t chisel our skills on daily basis then we can’t compete in today’s market. In today’s market, all companies are fighting a tough battle to sustain. Hence there are many good opportunities blooming in the market. Along with the opportunities, a skillset is required. So in fact, if we look at our market there are many opportunities but the required skillset is not there in the candidate. 

How can we chisel our skill set in today’s age?

Hence skills always need to be honed upon. Like to state one very simple fact having a grasp of the language in the market will be an added advantage. Sometimes we have to work in foreign territories so language becomes a constraint so one has to learn the language so that the communication will be faster and more effective functioning will be done. So if the candidate knows to read. write and speak the local language it is a bonus. Management and companies will find a lot of trust in such good candidates. 

What all technical skills are required to sustain in today’s age?

Along with the communication, skills student needs to have technical skills. Technicals skills like for example a Computer Engineer needs to know the basic of coding if he /she wants to build a professional life as programmer Sometimes in some organization there is a sharp contrast in the opportunity available in the market and the skills of the individual. If the candidate had good knowledge but is not vocal about his ideas then the opportunity goes waste. Hence students and prospective candidates need to build their skillset. This can come by working in startups first. That is the first school of learning. Professionally when we work in a team along with working skills we learn to work with guys and gals with different mindsets. We learn to gel as a team. We learn to be balanced and make our workplace the best. So on a daily basis grooming, self-learning will accentuate our success at the workplace.

How can we improve our skillset?

Reading positive news, being surrounded by positive people, being abreast with current developments in the market will all help the students to climb up. Knowing the local language is a big plus point as we can communicate easily. Reading, writing, and listening skills are very much required. Sometimes management will give us honest feedback. We must be able to take their feedback in a positive spirit then we can cheerfully go ahead. If we fail to chisel our skills then we lose many meatier job options available in the market. So to improve skillset regular reading, improving vocabulary, reading means reading nice newspapers in both print and digital medium. Along with that if students hear tech-enabled webinars that will also be a big plus-point. Hearing talk shows of Industry Greats will be a big eye-opener. Students will get to know the market demand and what a good student or employee needs to know.


So we can easily infer that AITAM is one of the  Best Engineering colleges in AP. If we really think about what makes the difference then it is a very good educational atmosphere. Along with engineering classes, the practical sessions are very much required to give qualitative and quantitative output in our college and workplaces. Life skills are being taught here such that the student will never feel perplexed. Students can face the challenges head-on. AITAM is home to some of the best minds. Some of the best intelligent students exist on this campus.