Frequently asked questions on autonomous college

How can a college become autonomous?

A college gets Autonomous status when it is accredited by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council with a score of 3.51 or by the National Accreditation Board with a score of 750. This status means a whole new meaning to the educational institution. The Autonomous colleges will have everything planned and chalked our properly hence it is a boon for the students who seek education here.

How do I get into an Autonomous College?

It is not an easy task to get into an autonomous college. There lies hard work. A step by step process with 5 steps, clearly explains how can one get an admission into an autonomous college.

Step 1: Securing good grade in Intermediate or 12th Class

Step 2: Choosing the right autonomous colleges

Step 3: Understanding the eligibility criteria

Step 4: Focus on preparation to crack the entrance exams

Step 5: Choosing the right stream/department according to the Rank secured

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What are the advantages of autonomous colleges?

  • The education pattern will emphasize a practical approach
  • These institutions will emphasize on 100% Placements
  • The teaching will be given by extremely proficient and knowledgeable Lecturers and Professors.
  • Students can do their projects and submit their whitepapers and thesis.
  • Regular symposiums and project workshops will be conducted by a very good qualified Guest Faculty.
  • Students will be given good mentoring to improve their communication skills.

Is it possible to transfer from autonomous to university?

No, it is not possible to transfer from an autonomous college to a nonautonomous college. However, the transfer is possible only if both colleges work under the same University and the same group and are aligned by the University guidelines. If the college is under different University then students cannot change their college.

Is it good to study in an autonomous college?

Yes, it is good to study in Autonomous college because the education pattern followed here is always decided by the college itself. They have a free and fair functioning approach. They will give keen attention to all their students. The study material provided will also be aligned with the current technical and educational trends in the market. The management will always be topnotch experts from IT/ITES/Civil/Pharma/MBA backgrounds hence there the functioning of the college will be more streamlined.

Which is a better autonomous or affiliated college?

Autonomous colleges are better than affiliated colleges because education, the recruitment of the professors the education method are all decided by the college itself. Hence the process is more disciplined and methodical. In Autonomous colleges, governance and functioning will be better. Affiliated colleges are aligned by the University guidelines.

How many autonomous colleges are there in India?

There are 708 Autonomous colleges in India. Out of them the maximum colleges are there in the state of TamilNadu. Each state in India has its fair share in the number of autonomous colleges. Andhra Pradesh, being a well-known state for Education, also hosts a  good number of autonomous colleges.

Do autonomous means private?

Yes, Autonomous colleges are Private. They are managed by the Board of Directors hence their functioning is more disciplined. Their functioning is managed by the Board of  Directors and this gives them an undisputable status in the educational sphere.

Is attendance compulsory in autonomous College?

Yes, attendance is compulsory for students in Autonomous college. It is always beneficial to attend all classroom sessions rather than distant training unless there is some genuine reason for not attending college. The college staff and respected Lecturers and Professors here will ensure that all classroom sessions or online sessions are conducted most holistically. Usually, 75% attendance is compulsory.

What is the cutoff for autonomous college?

Cutoff marks and eligibility criteria for various autonomous colleges will differ. Each college prepares its own eligibility criteria like Intermediate grades, Entrance Exams, Interviews, and Group Discussions, etc., So a student should understand the eligibility criteria before applying for a particular college.

Do we get fee reimbursement in autonomous college?

The reimbursement depends on the State Government and University guidelines. There is no mandatory reimbursement in an autonomous college.  However, students who are high performing will be given scholarships. This will be a huge booster for the students.

 Can we change the college after 1st year of engineering from affiliated to autonomous college?

Depends on the guidelines of the autonomous college you want to get into.  Mostly we can say YES, you can change from Affiliated to Autonomous college after the 1st year of engineering provided they are under the same Univerity and same group and as per University guidelines. So it becomes a tad lot easier when a student changes from affiliated to autonomous college. An autonomous college with a disciplined education pattern will always ensure success for its batch of students.


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