How can I get admission in an autonomous college?

Getting admission in an Autonomous college is a dream come true for all engineering students and is also a not so easy task unless they understand all the criteria well and prepare accordingly. Before we go through that step by step process of how to secure admission in an autonomous college, let’s first understand what is an autonomous college. 

 An autonomous college is a college that is accredited by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) with a score of 3.51 and the college which has a score of 750 from the National Accreditation Board(NAB) gets Autonomous status.

It is a matter of great prestige for the students if they get admission into the Autonomous college. Below are a few steps to follow to achieve that prestigious seat. 

There are a few steps as explained below:

Step 1: Securing good grade in Intermediate or 12th Class

Intermediate being the basic course for the Engineering, students shouldn’t ignore this step and focus more on other exams as the percentage they secure in Intermediate also matters a lot in the admission criteria. Better the grades, the better the chances for admission to a good autonomous college. So, a serious suggestion to all the prospective students never ignores the Intermediate syllabus and grades in intermediate. 

Step 2: Choosing the right autonomous colleges

Autonomous colleges work independently though they are affiliated to a University. There are many autonomous colleges in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana and Pan India Wise. Read this article to know which colleges are Autonomous colleges in Andhra Pradesh. As they functional independently, each college prepares its own admission criteria. So before we talk about the entrance exams, we have to choose a few autonomous colleges with high-quality standards. To learn more about what standards should we look for while choosing the best autonomous college.

Read this article:

Step 3: Understanding the eligibility criteria

Our work doesn’t stop at narrowing down a few best autonomous colleges, the actual work begins by understanding the eligibility criteria of each college. Some colleges plan admissions based on Intermediate grades, some may conduct their own entrance exams, some colleges may consider the rank of common entrance exams, some may consider both. So it is an important task for us to clearly understand the eligibility criteria of each selected college and prepare to crack the admission accordingly. 

Step 4: Focus on preparation to crack the entrance exams

 As mentioned in the above step, after clearly understanding the eligibility criteria, preparing to crack those exams stands very crucial in securing admissions. While preparing for the exams, make sure you understand the pattern of exam, syllabus they cover for the exam, attempting mock tests, practicing previous exam papers, asking the seniors for suggestions according to their valuable experience, they may give you a good number of tips and hints to crack the exam. So this plays a great deal in securing an admission in one of the best autonomous colleges. 

Step 5: Choosing the right stream/department according to the Rank secured

 After working hard and getting a good rank in the entrance exams or met the eligibility criteria of a particular college, we have to sort out what engineering stream you are interested in. This aspect mostly alters the situation of getting an admission. The demanding streams always have a great demand and if you are also competing for the same stream, the chances will below. Here, we have to understand that the demanding streams vary from one college to another. So clearly know the situation in each college and then give preferences in each college. 



Follow all the steps by clearly understanding them point to point and apply them in the real-time, we assure admission in one of the best autonomous colleges and thereby a great career ahead. WE WISH YOU ALL THE BEST FOR YOU CAREER AHEAD!