5 Online certifications required for a Computer Science Engineering Graduate

To bag an Engineering degree is a great achievement. But just an engineering degree is not sufficient. There are many other skills also required. Online certifications have now gained importance in today’s market. Nowadays Online Certifications are required to build a credible image in today’s market. There are various online certifications in today’s market that help students leverage their technical skills. There are many online certifications available in today’s market.

5 of the top most trending certification courses in the market areas listed below:


This is a very robust programming language. Python is a general-purpose coding language—which means that, unlike HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, it can be used for other types of programming and software development besides web development. That includes back end development, software development, data science, and writing system scripts among other

things. This language is very tough in the sense that it can be used to design

tougher software applications that can stand the turmoil of time like phishing, malware attacks, etc. They can prevent data and memory leaks. The Python programming language was conceived in the late 1980s and its implementation was started in December 1989 by Guido Van Rossum at CWI in the Netherlands.

Python can be applied to below fields

  1. Web Development. Python can be used to make web-applications at a rapid rate.
  2. Game Development. Python is also used in the development of interactive games.
  3. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.
  4. Data Science and Data Visualization.
  5. Desktop GUI.
  6. Web Scraping Applications.
  7. Business Applications.

The below industries use Python

  1. Insurance: Creating business insights with machine learning.
  2. Retail Banking: Flexible data transformation and manipulation.
  3. Aerospace: Meeting software system deadlines.
  4. Finance: Data mining to identify cross-sell opportunities.

The below jobs are listed for  programmers who are adept in Python Programming language

Python Developer. Becoming a Python developer is the most direct job out there for someone who knows the Python programming language.

  1.  Product Manager
  2. Data Analyst.
  3. Educator.
  4. Financial Advisors.
  5. Data Journalist.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is also known as Machine Intelligence. This is nothing but adding

machine intelligence. Natural Language Generation. AI converts the data into a

The readable form allows the system to interact with ideas with perfect accuracy.AI is

Available in the market in many flavors as listed below:

  1. Speech Recognition.
  2. Virtual Agents.
  3. Machine Learning Platform.
  4. AI Optimized Hardware.
  5. Decision Management.
  6. Deep Learning Platform

AI was started in the year 1956. AI can be applied for the below fields


  1. Artificial Intelligence in eCommerce
  2. AI to Improve Workplace Communication
  3. Human Resource Management
  4. AI in Healthcare
  5. Intelligent Cybersecurity
  6. Artificial Intelligence in Logistics and Supply Chain
  7. Sports betting Industry

The below industries use AI

  1. Healthcare and medicine.
  2. Education.
  3. Marketing.
  4. Small business.
  5. Retail and e-commerce.
  6. Public relations (PR)
  7. Recruitment and human resources (HR)
  8. Biometrics.

AI is a great career opportunity there are many facets to this like Neural Processing, Search and Mathematical Optimisation, etc. There are many websites, Robots that use Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is intertwined in them. They mimic real actions. These gadgets are increasingly being used in HealthCare, Pharma, Finance, Retail, etc. We have heard about Chatbots that are being used. These Chatbots are the primary interface between the human and the machine. Many queries are being answered by the chatbot.

Cyber Security

CyberSecurity is applied to Information Technology. It involves using, storing, and manipulating data across the network.CyberSecurity started in 1970.

CyberSecurity is being used in the below industries

  1. Financial Services
  2. Energy and Utilities
  3. Government
  4. Retail and Wholesale
  5. Manufacturing
  6. Software and Internet Services.

Cybersecurity job opportunities are being listed as below:

  1. Network Security Engineer
  2. Cyber Security Analyst
  3. Security Architect
  4. Cyber Security Manager
  5. Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

This field is also very much in demand field. Many websites use high ends of cybersecurity to prevent data leaks, memory leaks. Many cyber thefts are happening in the cyber world like Phishing, Impersonation, Eavesdropping, etc. Hence it becomes foolproof to keep the application safe from hacking etc. So this certification is very much in demand. There are many websites where data gets leaked, data is tampered with. Hence Cyber Security becomes all the more important to use for various domains like HealthCare, Pharma, Defense, Finance, Retail, etc.

Scrum Master

A ScrumMaster is a facilitator for an agile environment. They are responsible for information exchange amongst team members. Scrum Master Technology was started in the year 1986 by Hirotaka Takeuchi and Ikujiro Nonaka. All agile work environments use Scrum Methodology.

The below industries use Scrum Methodology

  1. Marketing or Advertising companies
  2. Construction companies
  3. Event planning companies
  4. Product development companies
  5. Finance related companies.

A few of the Scrum related job opportunities areas listed below

Business Analyst Scrum Methodologies

Project Manager

Being a certified Scrum Master is also another addon to your shining career. Nowadays all software works are going on in an agile environment. The agile methodology uses timeboxed iterations. There are many facets to this working style like Sprint Planning Meeting, Sprint Review Meeting, Sprint Retrospective Meeting. The work is planned in a meeting. Appropriately the resources are allocated on respective tasks. Once the target is achieved as planned then a review is being done to understand what were the failures in the project and how they can be mitigated. This is for the long term vision of the project. It is like an icon on the cake if an engineer is a scrum master. The certification is also easy to clear. One need not rack his brain too much. This certification is a big plus the point in the Software Industry.

ISTQB Certification

ISTQB certification is much required for the Software Testing profession. The ISTQB was officially founded as an International Testing Qualifications Board in Edinburgh in November 2002. Software Testing Industry using ISTQB Certification. There are many career opportunities like Software Tester, Senior Software Test Engineer, Test Manager, Test Architect, etc. This certification is a big addon for Software Testers. Software Testing is another money minting profession for many. The Testers who reported flaws in the application are paid huge remuneration is today’s market. Many MNC companies reward the people who report bugs and anomalies in the application. This is also a very good role. There are two flavors to this certification there is Foundation and Advanced Level. If a software tester is armed with this degree then he/she can grace higher positions in the Software Testing Arena. There are many software projects in Testing sectors from different domains like Airlines, Retail, Security, etc. This field also pays huge salaries to the tester. There are various tools also used for reporting like Bugzilla, Lotus Notes, etc.

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Hence we can infer that these valuable online certifications will add a lot of value to a student’s career. These certifications are here to stay and they will be of great value add for the students. Students can clinch astonishing remarkable positions in the IT/ITES sector thanks to these online certifications. This makes AITAM college as one of the best Engineering colleges in AP for CSE.