What is the difference between an autonomous college and a non-autonomous college?

What is an autonomous college?

As per the rules and standards of the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), any college having a score of 3.51 or above on a measurement scale of 0 to 4 is considered as the Autonomous college. The colleges which have a score of 750 or above duly certified by the  National Accreditation Board (NAB) is eligible for the rank of the autonomous college. An autonomous college enjoys a couple of good benefits.

What is the difference between autonomous and nonautonomous college?


In terms of flexibility, an autonomous college has a better standing. The board of Directors and educationists who run the autonomous college have a better understanding of fo the curriculum. They can design their curriculum with more ease and make it designed in such a way that is most useful to their students galore

Examination Pattern

The examination pattern followed is also strictly being laid down by the college itself. Hence college has more command and holds over the question papers.

In nonautonomous college the guidelines, the papers are being designed by the University. Hence they have to function under the University guidelines.

Admission Process

The admission process for an autonomous college is much easier as the decision lies in the hands of the college Principal. The admission process is more student-friendly. There is no much paperwork and hassles involved. bright students are always welcomed onboard with utmost respect and understanding.

What makes this autonomous college special?

Dr.K.Someswara Rao has been very kind in his words as he heads AITAM college. The education, the faculty that works round the clock are united in making this college stand apart in the league of many good educational institutions cropping up in Hyderabad. Since this college is headed by wise educationists and leaders from the educational arena who have worked in this field for years together and also Alumni from the IT/ITES sector this college is carving its own unique space. Having a grounded staunch vision and mission this college is keen on bringing topnotch educational for their students. We believe in investing in our students such that they can carry the educational success ahead for more students who avail education here.

What will autonomous rank do to this college?

The college has complete control over its procedures and formalities. They have absolutely no interference from the University. Hence the students need not be bothered about the procedures and formalities being held here. The paperwork involved in securing admission here is less and hence a student can gain admission easily that too with a lot of good counseling from the administrative staff here. Also, there are many symposiums, guest faculties who visit this college and share their know-how and wisdom regarding future professional working spaces. This made it more useful for the students studying here. Their knowledge and expertise can be used by the students here.

What more can students expect from an autonomous college?

Autonomous colleges appoint their Professors, Lecturers, and Faculty. Hence students can have richer conversations with their faculty. Faculty won’t keep changing and they will be serving the institution for years together. Hence student-faculty bonds would be better. Exams are being held within the college hence students can gain better access to their faculty. Also, the live interactive sessions are being held with the utmost care and conviction. thee exams are also being held most holistically. This makes the educational process easier process.No headaches are involved. Students can be convinced that this is a very effective process that caters maximum education to all their students. Here students are considered as an asset and the college invest deeply in them. The students who have passed out from here have held respectable positions in the IT/ITES/Civil/Mechanical/Pharma sector to name a few. Since the governance pattern is simplified here students can be ensured about a safe and sound future here.

Is Autonomous college good or bad?

Autonomous college is really good to seek education from the primary reason being the education pattern is very meticulous there and care is being taken such that the student is not being overloaded. In a stipulated time frame all engineering syllabus is being covered and students are given keen attention. The education curriculum is carefully planned and executed. Students and parents need not be perplexed about their ward at any juncture. Also, the syllabi and study materials are all updated in sync with the modern education pattern and developments in the technical sphere. Hence the student needs not to feel outdated at any point in time. Also whenever the student is at crossroads the Professors are there to help them out. Right from seeking entry to the college campus till the exit and successful placement the student is always a smooth walk for the student.

Total number of autonomous colleges in AP:  104

Total number of autonomous colleges in India: 708

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There are many pluses and minuses to both autonomous and nonautonomous colleges. Autonomous colleges have more responsibility at stake. They are run by a Board of Directors and Chairman and they have to handle and dabble various portfolios and look into the functioning of the college. There is a saying in English “Uneasy lies the head that bears the crown”.Here the Board has to handle various roles as it heads the institution. This makes this college as one of the best autonomous colleges in AP. Nonautonomous college is working under the University guidelines. Hence they have to stick to their rules and regulations.