Top 10 careers for a Computer Science Graduate

Computer Science Engineering is one of the most coveted courses for all engineering aspirants. There are many careers available for engineering graduates. Hence students can be happy that they can have great career paths after taking engineering education.

Below are listed the various job options for engineering graduates:

  • SAP Programmer

As many SAP Programmers also have great demand in the market. These are guys who taken engineering stream i.e Computer Engineering and then arm themselves with SAP degree. This makes them a potential player in today’s market. They also draw a great salary ranging between 10-15 lakhs per annum.

  •  Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is fast gaining momentum these days. This job is about using semantics, coding in the websites, and mobile apps. Nowadays our daily lifestyle is intertwined with technology. The gadgets we use are also majorly pronounced on using Artificial Intelligence. All Computer Engineering, Information Technology, M.C.A Graduates can procure these jobs. For example, If there is a company website, if you approach any site online you have seen a chatbot speaking to you just like the human does. Isn’t this amazing my dear friends. We feel as if a human is talking to us. This is just nothing but the usage of Artificial Intelligence. They mimic the real-world environment. The salary for this job ranges from 6 lakh to 50 lakhs Indian rupees. There are great tech giants in markets like IBM, Microsoft, Google, etc who are seeking professionals who are experts in Artificial Intelligence. The salaries paid for such jobs are extremely high keeping in sync with the market trends. Instead of complete human intervention, these jobs remove all manpower hurdles with its secret path induced with semantics and coding techniques.

  • Machine Learning

Machine learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence and Algorithms. They make use of Artificial Intelligence micro concepts. There is a rampant demand for Machine Learning Engineers in the market. Computer engineering graduates, M.C.A Graduates can procure this job. The salary ranges of this job will be from 4 lakhs to 40 lakhs as per the industry standards. Companies like Politics, Webtunix AI, Ipraxa Inc, ValueCoders, Wobot, QBurst, PixelCrayons offer hot jobs to Machine Learning Engineers. Machine Learning Engineers are in huge demand in today’s market.


  • Data Scientist

Data science also uses data for analysis. Data is used from various sources. Nowadays data analysis is crucial for a company’s growth. The type of data used plays a crucial role in today’s market. Data Scientist is another hot job in the market. This job demands huge perks in the IT Industry from 6lakhs to 50 lakhs in the market. Computer engineering graduates and Information Technology graduates can apply for such jobs. Companies like Numerator, Cloudera, Splunk, SPINS, Alteryx, Civis, Analytics, Sisense, Oracle are recruiting engineers like hotcakes.

  • Data Analyst

Data Analysis is the science of restructuring and modeling data for the company’s growth. Computer Engineering graduates who have valid BTech degrees in their hands can apply for Data Analyst jobs. They need to know to use software like QlikView, Tableau, etc to master this science. The salary range for this job ranges from 5 lakhs to 30 lakhs in today’s market. Companies like Tableau, Salesforce, Oracle are looking out for potential Data Analysts. These jobs are highly respected in the IT Industry.

  • Project Manager

The Project Manager is another meatier role. They are guys who overlook the project. They look into the project, as the tenure of the project, the number of people to be recruited, the number of resources required for the efficacy of the project.

For the smooth functioning of the project, the project manager is the key player. They analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the resources and assign them the requisite tasks properly.

Companies Like OSI Technologies, Nisum, Vedicsoft are all recruiting project Managers for handling their critical projects.

  • Software Programmer

Software Programmer is a very prized engineering career available for students these days. They need to know the basic nuances of coding and programming. A very high-end pay packet between 1 Lakh to 15 Lakhs is available for the students. Software Programmer is an emerging job these days. Software Programmers have to do coding. Their coding skills help them bag the best jobs in the market. There are many software programming languages in the market like C, C++, Python, etc. There are various software programmers required for various languages. Whoever is specialized in handling software programming languages can get the best jobs. They should know to script. These languages are taught nicely in engineering colleges. Students who have a flair for coding can easily grasp and play with these languages. They need to know minute concepts like Inheritance, Polymorphism, etc. These nice concepts will students master these languages. Any engineering graduates who have Computer Engineering or M.C.A degree in their hands can bag this job. Salary with a range from 1 lakh to almost 30lakhs as per the industry standards. There are many companies in the Hyderabad market whether programmers have a lot of demand. Tech Giants like Dell, Microsoft, Verizon, Infosys, etc have rampant demand for programmers.

  •  Information Security Analyst

This job option is another such meatier job option. The Information Security Analyst gets to gauge the loopholes in the organization. They need to analyst security threats to their business network. This job requires students armed with great MCA and Computer Science Degrees. Only the most hardworking and sincere candidates great to divulge their expertise for the nation. Some hackers try to intrude into business networks. Hence the company website, their confidential data should be maintained at one safe repository to safeguard the company’s interests.

  •  Network Architect

These jobs are for handling network. They monitor the network, about any data leakage issues, impersonation issues. They also need to observe that all protocols are followed properly during the exchange of data.

They need to monitor huge data centers such that they are protected from rain, cold, overheating, and all-natural calamities.

  • Computer Science Faculty

Students who have great Computer Science Engineering Degrees can grace the posts of Computer Science Faculty. They can teach all coding concepts, software testing concepts to students and help them steer the ladder of success.


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