Role of technology in education during COVID – 19 Pandemic

COVID 19 has become a source of tension for one and all. This global pandemic has turned our world topsy turvy. The education field is no more alien to this trauma. Our daily activities, our education system has also gone for a toss. Government and other private parties have come up with tailor-made online solutions to beat this pandemic. Online Learning is now one of the most accessible solutions for beating COVID tension. We have never imagined that we will ever be in a distraught situation like this. We cannot think about sending our kids or teenagers sons and girls to schools or colleges fearing COVID19. How will a small kid sit in the classroom wearing a mask? That too they are so innocent that won’t understand social distancing norms. Students of any age hang out with friends etc so online education is the only solution in the current scenario. It is cumbersome for students of any age group right from playschool kid to engineering grads to wear a mask and sit in school or college premises. Hence the government and other private sectors are offering online solutions. This year 2020 Online Education has emerged as a new effective and viable solutions for one and all. Technology has so much intertwined into our lives that we cannot think about anything else. Everything is being made digital by most of the entrepreneurs.

Online education is the new emerging trend adopted by schools, colleges, teachers, parents, and students. Being one of the best engineering colleges in Andhra Pradesh offers an online e-learning facility to a cohort of students. The year 2020 has seen a surge in online E-Learning.

This is a group effort wherein the most skillful faculty pitches in. They need to give time-bound classes to their students. Here acute care is maintained such that students are not overloaded. The classroom training sessions are given in a stipulated manner. Also, there are a couple of other factors to keep in mind during online training sessions.

Student-Faculty Ratio

A proper student-faculty ratio is maintained such that students are not stuffed into classrooms. Proper one one one online sessions are also made available to the students. Only then can students gain proper insight into the subject being taught.

Cool Minded Faculty

Another stellar point to note here is that faculty is always cool. They never make their students nervous. Students are taught every technical concept with utmost care and conviction.

Online Meetings

Online Meeting Links are shared a few minutes before the training begins. Online Elearning has gone up manifold times inorder the curb the aftermath of health issues.

 Online Student Portals

Online Student Portals are used by colleges to maintain all information about the students, their diverse background, payment of fees, payment mode adopted at one centralized repository. Hence the admin staff can easily measure students’ progress their enrollment details all in one place. As there are many batches for students their information is also stored in one place. Which student fits into one batch all information is holistically stored in one place. Also, students can order books online. The study material will get dispatched right at their doorstep. This reduces the usage of paperwork. As today in the current age, everything is digital medium integration of online portals made it easier for students, parent, and the support staff to store retrieve information about the student at any point of time.

Online Competition

If any online competitions are being held that is also advised by the faculty here. Hence students can face all online competitions without any issue. All details are sending through Whatsaap the latest messaging platform. Also, students are given access to the online responsibly wherein they can log in and see their assignments. Students can accomplish their assignments on time and submit to the respected faculty.

Online submission

Projects, thesis, whitepapers can all be submitted online. So teachers can also assess their student’s performance and suggest them novel techniques to improvise on the same.

As we all went outside to fetch our bread and butter remaining cocooned at home in front of the computer might take time to sink in but all are geared up to this solution in this pandemic crisis.

Students are guided at each juncture. They will never feel at loss as both teachers, peers, etc are all working with the positive hope that good students get their share. Exams are also being conducted online. Mock tests are conducted and students are given sufficient time to prepare for the exams. Colleges are happy about the fact that their faculty are ready to extend beyond the classroom hours. You call them at any point in time, they are ready to help you out. Maybe your doubts can be simple, however, you won’t be rebuked at any point in time. Sometimes parents might not be in a position to guide their ward however colleges like these make sure that no students are left out.

Guest Faculty Online Lectures

If there are any sessions held by guest faculty those links are also being shared with the students. Students can also nonchalantly put forth their questionnaire. Engineering colleges are blessed with very good computers, laptops of their students. Having spoken about all these positive aspects nothing can beat the happiness of actual classroom training. However Online education is here to stay for the benevolence of all.

Students have no commuting woes. They don’t have to feel homesick. They can take the best education from their faculty at the smooth confines of their home.


So we can easily infer that engineering colleges offer one of the best online training for its best batch of students. Knowledge sharing is always considered an asset for students. Their management strongly believes that education is not for the privileged few, education is one for all. The faculty here believes that their best students come forth for serving and holding distinguished positions in society. This makes AITAM one of the best engineering colleges in AP. The extremely friendly faculty, the open-minded learning atmosphere here makes AITAM one of the best engineering colleges in Andhra Pradesh. The faculty here strives to make this a temple of education for all our illustrious batches of students.