How to Prepare for Campus Placements?

Campus placements are a big part of any engineering graduate’s life. It is the dream coming true moment for any engineering graduate who has invested 4 years of life studying all minute concepts about engineering. After Engineering life, getting placed is really fun and as easy as a cakewalk if you strategically plan things that are detailed in this article.

Here, we would like to list down a few steps to make your campus placements interviews very easy to tread on.

Communications skills is the crème da la crème of any discussion

If you want to crack interviews, great communication skills are required along with the subject knowledge. Your communication skills help you interact with the interviewer accurately. The interviewer can understand your viewpoint or the answer quickly and accurately. Communication skills are more about presenting yourself. Listening is the key to any interview. The more you listen, the more you can impress the interviewer. 

  • Attend Online webinars on “How to improve your communication Skills”
  • Frequently watch the Videos of Ted Speakers, you are well done in the public speaking
  • Attend the Mock Interviews regularly which helps you in getting feedback
  • Attend Workshops, Symposiums, College Fests, and be actively involved. 

Skills building to fortify our chances in interviews

Now is the age when the writing skills, memory skills, learning skills, etc are put to test. So students must read and write almost daily so that they can crack interviews. Companies need the best. They need a huge talent pool to build good companies for our society. So if we want to be part of any profit-making concern then we must put in all our efforts.

  • Write personal blogs to improve your writing skills. 
  • Be active on Social Media and observe how others are writing their viewpoints.
  • Play Memory building games, which improve your memory skills. 
  • Try practicing the Fun and Brain twisting exercises.

Always be networked with your seniors

Keep in touch with your seniors. The ones who got placed in distinguished positions in IT/ITES/Pharma etc to name a few sectors will help you with their advice. They can give you an insight into the companies, what talent are they scouting for. How to be in touch with them:

  • Connect with them via Alumni Forums by your college.
  • Be active in the Alumni Social Media Groups of your college. 
  • Connect with your seniors via LinkedIn 
  • Connect with your Social Media via other Social Media accounts. 

Take Feedback seriously

Feedback matters a lot in everybody’s life. One who takes feedback seriously and responds accordingly will see more success in their life. Faculty and the interview panel are the ones who give us feedback in our engineering journey. So, it is our responsibility to own the feedback and work on the same to improve ourselves. 

  • Always the faculty will strive their best to get the best out of their students. 
  • Feedback can be about improving communication skills. 
  • Feedback from faculty can be on Technical aspects. 
  • Faculty can be on Presentation skills. 

Group Discussions

Many companies use multiple filtering criteria to procure the best students on board. They need students who are best at the engineering discipline, they need students who are voracious orators and people who have leadership qualities. It is hard to sing students who are an amalgamation of all skills however there are pure gems in our society who are aces at all. Colleges will invest highly in these students who work from their heart for any cause Many companies conduct jamming sessions to select the best candidate. Hence students need to be best on all fronts.

  • Just bookish knowledge itself is not sufficient. Students need to be aware of all social matters too.
  • Always be an Initiator in the Group Discussions; Initiators are rare and you be the one among the rare
  • Try to build meaningful arguments and give others a hard time to offend your point. 
  • When you present a point, be confident and make sure it is acceptable by all other group members. 
  • Don’t be a Head Nodder or a ‘YEAH’ sayer.

Your body language counts

Your every single step in the interview matters a lot. Your Body language speaks a lot more than you speak while doing the interview. Interviewers will be testing your body language inch by inch to know your personality. You should be very confident and project strong viewpoints that percolate into the interviewer’s heart and mind. A few things you should maintain during the interview:

  • Make an Eye Contact with the Interviewer. 
  • Avoid unpresentable things like touching Face, Nose, Hair, etc. 
  • Avoid your Mannerisms
  • Always be presentable. Smile. 
  • Always try to sit still, Don’t Bend.

Research about the company visiting the college campus

It is in good interest if the student has a fair idea about the company visiting your campus. If the student is much aware of the visiting company, it will be easy to impress the interviewer by mentioning the company’s previous achievements, upcoming inventions and how you can be a part of them, the ongoing business processes and how can you add value to those processes, etc., If you know much about the company, you can go out of the box answering the interviewers’ questions. 

  • Visit the LinkedIn pages and Profiles of companies 
  • Visit the website of the companies thoroughly
  • Visit the Glass Door Profiles of the companies and go through the reviews by the current employees or former employees
  • Check out with the Alumni, who may be a part of the company visiting the campus. 


These are a few things one can do to crack the Campus Placements. There may be a lot explained or put forward by many people who are doing well in the Hiring domain. So, be actively involved on LinkedIn and follow the HRs from different companies and observe what they are saying and what they are looking for in a potential employee.