AITAM always has believed that students follow what they preach. The teaching staff also believes in the same. Whatever is preached is also practiced. Students are always encouraged to be involved in the education pattern. They are always honed to follow the education pattern here. Students need not be overindulged in the education pattern. They can learn to be balanced here. They can focus on their education and also dabble in various projects, extracurricular activities too.

AITAM has always been a hub for students from crosscultural backgrounds to coexist. There are still many educationists in our society who threaten students and teach them. However, the educationists here always encouraging students to be cooler without getting nervous. There is no learning happening when students are overstressed or nervous. This will hamper their education. Also, students are encouraged to do practicals, on their own. They are also encouraged to take up their hobbies as well.AITAM offers the best education platform where they can feel free to exchange their thoughts views. Students also encouraged to air their views. There might be strong differences too but students are allowed to be opinionated without anything going overboard. Students should be involved in their studies without distraction but overindulgence can also be hampering. Hence everything balanced is encouraged here. Quarrelsome students are taught to share their views amicably. Also, many debates encourage collateral learning. Placement assistance is also given, Some students even though they talk less and are humble get bullied in society. People misconstrue them to be having headweight. But AITAM teaches students to respect them too. If people are less talkative in our society they are misconstrued as having headweight. This feeling needs to be removed from people’s minds and AITAM goes to all extend to reform students thinking.

Also, there are many poetic events also conducted such that the students can voice their poetry, creative thoughts, etc. Various meets, camps, etc are also sheld such that students are taught blogging, content writing, etc. As AITAM is a hub of various educationists this allows students from crosscultural borders to coexist. Nowadays when we see issues like nepotism, bullying, ragging, etc coexist in our society all efforts are being made at AITAM for students to resolve their differences amicably.AITAM gives freedom to all students to learn and share their learnings with all their peers.

In this COVID situation, students tend to panic thinking about network connectivity. However, AITAM can set the record straight that students irrespective of their diverse upbringing can coexist. The online classes cater to all high standard education. The offline classroom session is also available where social distancing norms are maintained and education is catered in the finest forms.

Students can project their creativity to their teachers. Students might have differences of opinion with the teaching staff. They are given ample freedom to voice their views. Even we see many examples in our society where students can voice their protests with the teaching staff but care is taken that nothing goes overboard.

Students are taught the importance of each penny being invested. The richest, spoilt brats are also brought to the line by the teaching staff here. There are instances in our society where students get spoilt get involved with others. This will damage their future and reputation. Hence the teaching staff here takes utmost care that students both girls and boys are not spoilt. Education should be achieved most finely but students are the wealth of our nation. They must never get spoilt.

All such bad occurrences are damage to our society. Humility, simplicity, compassion are all required such that students can coexist.AITAM is one of the best Btech colleges in India.

AITAM also arranges several meets technical and nontechnical such that it unravels their educational pursuits. Indian has always been blessed with a very good family system. Our parents are like Ram and Sita. They remained married for years together and they bring their kids also in the most holistic, traditional manner. Their kids never stray. India has always preserved its traditional heritage.AITAM always believe in this strong fundamental principles. Students are safeguarded as they are our assets.

Our parents struggle from morning till night and ensure that their kids are never spoilt and be a contribution to society. Even the most reckless kids have been reformed here. Students who never had a clear conscience about their goals are reformed here.

There are some girls and boys also in our society who take to evil habits like smoking, drinking vices of these sorts, and slip into depression. Such students are reformed to be balanced in their life.

Also, students are taught key skills like reading, writing, etc. This helps them to master various fears in their lives. They are also given responsibilities to hold distinguished positions in college itself. Students are taught to be responsible. There are many institutions grappling with an educational crisis of sorts.AITAM serves to educate students and also empower them. Girls are taught to respect boys and boys are also taught to respect girls.


Hence we can infer that AITAM is the best Engineering college in Andhra Pradesh.