NRIs as the name suggests stand for Non-Resident Indians. They reside abroad and come to India on an occasional basis as per their business, educational pursuits.AITAM offers a very good atmosphere for NRI students to flourish in their educational careers. Engineering admission 2021 is made effortlessly easy here at AITAM.AITAM college has been continuously harping on education. Education is always the root of any dazzling career. There are many families who live abroad. The Indians who reside abroad always have a very good connection with India. They want to keep themselves attached to the roots. Since India has been traditionally respecting cultures, values, moral ethics many NRI families find it aa good place to learn and earn. As the culture here is not much westernized the moral values are retained. Students don’t get lost track. They give due importance to education. Here at AITAM engineering admission 2021 has been made very easy. The front office staff is always keen to address the issues concerning students. Now due to this COVID pandemic, everything is made online. Hence students can just call into the helpdesk numbers, front office numbers. Once they submit their educational certificates to the customer care officer or admin executive all detail swill be fed into the system. The student online portal will retain all crucial information about the students.

There are many good valuable courses available here like Engineering, Diploma, Management studies. All these courses help students gain a wider perspective on life. They will learn to adapt to newer technologies and newer working systems in this fast-paced world.

AITAM has very good NRI students. They have also emerged triumphant in their educational pursuits. The teaching staff here is well accomplished. They are reservoirs of knowledge. There is a seamless flow of knowledge to the students.AITAM has been offering a very good congenial atmosphere for the students.NRIs might face some language-speaking issues as they are settled abroad. However, the staff here is very good at communicating with them such that they won’t feel any barriers. They will feel an instant connection with the Indian community here. The Indians who stay abroad are for their jobs and livelihood. They went there searching for greener pastures for their family. There are a couple of stories we hear that foreign students bullied them at their schools and colleges. Since they could not bear it they came back to India. These are a couple of sad stories we get to hear. However, AITAM has always encouraged students from all walks of life to assemble and put forth their ideas. Racial discrimination is the last thing here.

The NRI fee structure is also very reasonable and parents are not at all overloaded. Students also need not feel perplexed. Students are given ample time to experiment and study. The vast spacious corridors give this college a pristine look. The spacious classrooms, hi-tech labs, library rooms, etc are also maintained spic and span for the students. Students love to read and spend hours together here thanks to the open atmosphere.

Also, online coaching mode is available now such that students can attend classes from the cozy confines of their home. Students can interact well with their teachers. They are also provided with study material so that they can gain extra knowledge through books too. Students here are encouraged to do research. Also, students are patronized to excel in extracurricular activities. The student festivals meet ate are also arranged such that students excel in drama, arts, theatre, etc. They get to perform skits too. These are all too light up the environment. Students are not at all pressurized to study because students swill withers if they are threatened to study. A patient teacher who can clarify doubts of students is required in today’s age and AITAM leaves no stone unturned in doing so. A teacher who does not rant, a teacher who speaks softly to the student is required to make education a  softer haven for students.

Many students leave education either because they can’t afford fees, or there is no proper parental support or if they get bullied at the educational premises. Here at AITAM, every single effort is made such that the students are not emotionally threatened. The subject is also taught in a planned manner.

AITAM has good very good placement cell and they give due placements to all qualified candidates. They have a tie-up with many companies tier 1, tier 2 established in and around Hyderabad. They help in all possible ways such that the student’s bags top jobs. Also, AITAM has been very good at reforming students who have traversed bad ways in life. They have reformed them such that they are now good contributors to society. Also at any point in time if students feel any issues they can bring to the grievance cell where the issues will be addressed diligently.


Hence we can easily infer that AITAM offers top-notch education for the NRI students as well as their Indian counterparts. Education must never be just for privileged few. It must one for everyone.AITAM has always been in this endeavor to bring the best education for their brightest minds.

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