AITAM being one of the best engineering colleges in AP prepares students for the most competitive jobs in AP.AITAM has been blessed with very good admin staff, faculty. They go beyond their duty hours to help their students emerge triumphant in various spheres of life. When it comes to jobs we all know ho much competitive it is to fetch a job. However when students have solid backing from college like AITAM they can easily clutch their favorite jobs. Just students have to attend all classes at AITAM so that they are well versed in various facets of technology.AITAM has a very good placement division. They help students by proving them the best career alternatives. In today’s 9ugot7word it is a bit tough for students to decide which career they must choose. However, the counselors here onboard take minutes to care about each student. They have an internal student’s resume portal. The biodatas/resumes of all students are uploaded in this portal. their favored job is also marked. Hence it becomes an increasingly effective process. All the jobs which are in the open position are regularly updated in this portal. Students can easily select jobs and apply them.AITAM is having a tie-up with many IT/ITES/Civil/Pharma jobs to mention a few. The telecalling division collects all resumes and uploads them in the portal.

The student’s interests are studied by the management and they are selected for the befitting job.AITAM is a growing college that welcomes students from diverse linguistics backgrounds. Students are given a strong foundation in their college curriculum. They can be easily prepped for future jobs lying ahead with the solid backing from AITAM. AITAM is now increasingly recognized as one of the best job placement colleges in AP. AITAM guarantees to provide 100% job assistance so that students and parents need not be perturbed.

There are a couple of points to be remembered while facing job interviews.

·         Students need to be well-read

·         They must be versatile while talking about current affairs and issues plaguing our nation.

·         Also if they can suggest solutions to combat various issues burning our nation it will be like icing on the cake.

·         Also, students need to hone their language and vocabulary. This cannot be attained in a single day. There is an adage that “Rome was not built in a single day”

·         The same applies here too. One cannot be an ace at the first attempt. Students need to regular devote some time from their hectic schedule to reading. Reading will always be an asset. Reading illuminates our ideas and thought processes.

·         The more activities you dabble in the more informed you would be.

·         Also, there is the maxim “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”.Hence students need to improve their physical fitness as jobs these days require enormous time to be put in front of computers and iPhones.

·         To name a few jobs these days like Software Programmer, Tellecaller, Business Development Executive, SAP Programmer, Project Manager, CEO.CFO, Civil Engineer, etc.

·         So all these jobs require the students to be well-read and informed. Also, students need to be good at communication skills.

·         There are very good faculty who emphasizes on speaking skill here. The students have a very good library facility. They can spend hours together reading in this library.

·         Learning here is a dream come true for many. Many distinguished students have passed out from here with excellent grades. There are seminars, webinars, and symposiums being conducted regularly. This will prep your students for the challenging times ahead.

·         This is one of the best job placement colleges in AP. Many placement colleges come up with many promises but few fail to deliver. Here at AITAM, the focus is on creating good character students for the benefit of our society and nation.

·         Also, there are many guest faculty visiting this college periodically. Their speeches are a very good way for shaping the thought process of their students. Here students are coached to dream and work relentlessly to achieve them.

·         The teaching division is playing a vital role. Even mock interviews are being conducted such that students will get a feel about job interviews.

·         The third year of the students is when students get a broader vision about the jobs the skillset required for handling these jobs.

·         Some jobs like IT jobs like Programmer requires students to be extraordinarily smart at Coding.

·         Students are taught to choose the vocation they like. The course is not pushed on to them. That is when the student can excel in his studies. He must choose a stream which he likes.


So we can easily conclude that AITAM offers a holistic view of job placement in AP. The students are shortlisted as per their merit and channelized to the requisite job. This feature is very important. Let your ideal college help you excel in your dreams.AITAM is a sureshot path to clinch your dreams. You can dare to dream at AITAM.