AITAM the engineering college located at Tekkali offers you an open environment where you can gel with your colleagues, share your knowledge with your friends. The open learning atmosphere here helps students from all walks of life to excel in their studies, personal and professional lives. The Btech course at AITAM offers you a lot of scopes to learn and grow. The engineering course as such is crafted for students who are meticulous in their learning approach. Also, this course helps to gauge the learning skills of students. While studying just complete focus on learning won’t help. One must also be aware of the developments in various fields like education, current affairs, cooking, etc. Various things can keep you motivated

Few of them can be listed as below:

·         Reading Tech journals can help you be motivated. You can also hear online tutorials, videos, etc that can help you accentuate your knowledge. Your know-how regarding various scientific matters also counts.

·         Similarly, you can be a good writer. If you have good content writing skills this can help you participate and air your views on myriad topics on various local and global forums.

·         Also if you are a fitness freak this can help you. It is not necessary that you always hit the gym. You can do gardening and help you, parents. That will be a double whammy because you get to contribute to your home front and also perspire. This is to augment your fitness levels.

·         Similarly, you can perform small techie projects. This will help you to implement your theoretical knowledge. It will always in the best interest to practice whatever you hear on tutorials, videos.

·         You can do small coding works lin software languages like C, C++, Python, etc. This will help you grow. Coding has a lot of value in today’s market. A good software coder can earn good pay and valuable compliments from your near and dear.

·         AITAM is one of the best engineering colleges in India.AITAM has roped in world-class lecturers for the benefit of their students. They tutor their students well such that the students feel accomplished in both their personal and professional lives.

·         Also, you can prepare power points presentations on topics that interest you and broadcast them on youtube channels. That will win your likes, comments ad shares. It is a nice way to propagate your ideas and thought processes.

·         Similarly, there are many online surveys. You can participate in them and win goodies and gift vouchers for yourself.

·         Also, there are quizzes and games aired on Amazon and Flipkart the eCommerce giants. You can participate in them too. They reward the most promising candidates.

·         AITAM is one of the best engineering colleges in India that helps students climb ladders of success with their tech forums and symposiums. Students can exhibit their knowledge on all these forums.

·         Also if any fashion culinary shows are being conducted in college students can participate in them too. This will help them open their eyes to various competitions. Also, it will help them build their network.

·         Students can learn new automation tools like QTP, Silk, Winrunner, Ruby, etc to test software applications. This will help them to catch and report bugs in the application.

·         AITAM being one of the best engineering colleges in India helps students even from impoverished backgrounds scale up the ladder.

·         Students can also take up the library facility within the campus and improve their reading skills. Reading maketh a complete man. This is an age-old adadgeReading that will help in improving your vision. It will broaden your thought process. It will help you amass newer ideas. Also, it will help you to take a strong viewpoint of different burning issues in our day to day lives and society. So invest time in reading.

·         If you have a flair for coding then being a techie is good.

·         Last but not least please don’t take engineering just because your parents want you to be an engineer. The yearning to learn to engineer has to come from the bottom of your heart. Also, I would like to request parents to stop being helicopter parents. Stop forcing your kids to take up engineering just for prestige’s sake. Students should develop and have an interest in engineering.

·         The engineering here at AITAM opens doors to various flavors like Biomedical Engineering, Information Technology, Computer Engineering, Electronics, and Telecommunication engineering.


So we can infer that Engineering at AITAM one of the best engineering colleges in India will offer various realms for students to excel. This college will help students prioritize studies and make them all arounder to take up various challenges in life.