Superlative titles, for example, ‘biggest producer of engineers on the planet’ and a yearly yield of 1.5 million engineering graduates, making engineering as one of the most worthwhile and compensating career decisions accessible in South India. To stop this, building universities, particularly private engineering colleges are known to introduce position figures that can match the yearly turnover of any corporate substance. With guaranteed position programs and almost 100% situation record, all top-positioning engineering colleges in South India promote these insights as to their prime advertising procedure. Yet, the fact of the matter is a long way from these numbers!

Placement number of Top Engineering College in South India

As indicated by the third version of the National Employability Report for Engineers, of the all-out 1.5 million designing alumni, just 20% are regarded as appropriate for programming occupations while a minute 7.49% are capable enough to be utilized for center building employments. Truth be told, the report cites Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Tamil Nadu in the last 25 percentile, with regards to employable building competitors. Notwithstanding being one of the biggest designing center points in India, building organizations in south India rank ineffectively with regards to designing arrangements for their undergrads.

Factors involved with Top Engineering Colleges in South India

The elements which separate the best designing schools from the rest must be viewed as dependent on their comprehensive effect on the point of any ordinary building school: teaching lethargic logical personalities into industry prepared experts. 

A designing school ought to in a perfect world be a remnant mechanical advancement and opportunity. Despite the fact that more outcome situated factors, for example, positions have become a backbone for understudies, other all-encompassing variables have a significant impact over arrangements. The following are four variables that will be considered for the rankings of the Best Engineering Colleges in South India.

  • College Perception

College perception is a defining factor while choosing an institution for higher education. But how is a perception built and maintained? 

The perception of a college is a product of its track record across various determinative factors. It can’t be built overnight but can recede into smithereens in a matter of seconds. The general consensus over the quality of an institution can be termed as its college perception. 

  • Alumni Reviews

While the overall population has solitary shallow information on a given foundation, the graduated class of a similar school have a total comprehension of how the designing school capacities. At whatever point an understudy is unsure over the validity of a designing school, the feeling and exhortation of a graduate is practically gold residue for the confounded understudy. 

Graduated class audits, in contrast to different elements, are a result of the healthy experience a wannabe can expect at the designing school. Regularly, understudies are spared from joining an obscure school upon the guidance of a previously enduring graduate. When students can confide in nobody for fair-minded suppositions, graduated class input is basic to shape an unmistakable conclusion about a given designing school.

  • Academics

Engineering may appear to be a course that any individual can do, however, the meat of the issue lies somewhere else. 

Doing Engineering and studying engineering as an aptitude are two unique angles out and out. The previous is basic and should be possible for most students. The last requires the hypothesis and use of logical standards to build the effectiveness of existing procedures.

Like certain students are appropriate for engineering, a comparative similarity can be utilized to dissect universities. Few out of every odd engineering colleges in South India like AITAM is fit for giving engineering education. Realizing which engineering college is equipped for giving quality specialized instruction is important for a wannabe who genuinely discovers his/her bringing in the engineering field.

  • Placements

How might we name the components of school rankings without talking about positions? 

Breaking down what has become the absolute most persuasive factor in deciding understudy confirmations, arrangements of a building school is a proportion of its decency in the business and the employability of its understudies. 

Considering the long-four-year excursion of finishing a B.Tech, one needs to comprehend the significance of grounds situations to some random students. Getting put in a decent organization from a decent college can launch one’s profession with power, while an alumnus without a vocation is made to acknowledge and persevere through the hurly-burly of the merciless employments industry of India.


From all the above information, you can decipher that the best engineering college in South India is AITAM, Tekkali. The packages of students start with 5-6 Lakhs per annum and apart from that, the college is not for its corporate connections. This makes AITAM- Tekkali, one of the best autonomous engineering colleges in South India.